Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Lullaby for the DNC before It Slumbers Eternally

Trump v. Clinton: epic fail
that proves democracy's for sale.

He plays with debt the conman's way.
She'll do the same with Fannie Mae.

It's bad he slurs Latino kids,
but ask Hondurans what she did.   

Call him a bigot, a disgrace;
ignore the Syrians she displaced.

The Hillbots shriek and snarl as one:
"Fear what he says, not what she's done."

Apocalyptic claims abound
on their side, so let's turn that 'round:

If his words might start World War 3,
then her deeds will—I guarantee.

Flournoy, Sherman—ladyhawks
rouse old bloodlust with new warsquawks.

But they can't be as bad as Dick
because they're women. See the trick?

I've swallowed pills from Dems before.
They've brought me debt, disgrace and war.

So try to jam Hill down my throat
and watch me give the Greens my vote.

Prez Trump is your fault, DNC.
You could have had support from me.

If Hill's the nom, then I'm with Stein.
To stop Trump you should fall in line.


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