Monday, June 13, 2016

Parsing Comments Sanders Made on Sunday, June 12

At one point in Bernie Sanders' brief press conference on Sunday, he remarked, "We are going to take our campaign to the convention with the full understanding that we are very good at arithmetic and that we know, you know, who has received the most votes up to now."

Those who have internalized the distortions of the corporate media assumed that he was talking about Hillary Clinton as the person "who has received the most votes up to now."

I don't believe that's what he meant at all--because she doesn't have the votes that our news sources claim she has.

Evidence of rampant and systematic election fraud--not just in California, not just in New York, not just in Puerto Rico, not just in Arizona, but everywhere in the country--is prompting lawyers to file a racketeering lawsuit against the Clinton campaign.

That lawsuit will attempt to prove what many of us suspect: that Sanders has already won the Democratic nomination.

Americans don't pay attention to their own politics, much less the politics of other countries. But we need to wake up and prevent the corporate media from accomplishing the same sort of coup for corruption here that we recently saw engineered in Brazil.

In 2016, coups are no longer achieved with guns in the halls of power, but with bullets of misinformation being fired into the brains of incredibly busy and easily distracted populations.

We must oppose those bullets of misinformation with a vigorous demand for transparency.

Whatever happens in the coming days, please consider exercising your constitutionally guaranteed right to peaceful assembly in Philadelphia for the Democratic Convention at the end of July.

When we showed up on social media for Sanders, the establishment said we wouldn't show up to vote.

When we showed up at the polls, they threw out our votes, misreported them, or even turned them into votes for Hillary with the magic of their black box voting machines.

If we let them get away with it--if we fail to show up in Philadelphia--they will say that American citizens are satisfied with things the way they are.

This is the way democracy ends . . .

This is the way democracy ends . . .

This is the way democracy ends . . .

Not with a bang but a whimper--unless we show up in Philadelphia.

You can think of that qualifier at the end as Woody Allen improving on T.S. Eliot--since Allen is the one who observed that 80% of life is showing up.

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